Monday 17 December 2007


I could post photographs of ruined buildings painstakingly repaired using original paints, mortars, wood, slates, rain water furnishing, railings, slate floors, wooden matchboarding , locks, hinges all saved from skips and dumps accumulated over the years.
Always the owners have asked me not to photograph or publicise these buildings as they fear conflict with PCC or PCNP officers who require unsuitable materials to be used and harmful treatments to limestone walls, to be applied.
In Ceredigion we fought for thirty years to stop the complete demolition of pise or clom buildings, we won but by then there were only a handful of these buildings still standing.
It is almost too late for fieldstone limestone buildings in South Pembrokeshire.
Ashlar limestone buildings are even rarer. Daily our heritage is being destroyed by ignorance and greed, by the imposition of outdated building practices by PCC and PCNP.
From an article in Din l Art Helwa Malta News letter 11
"To confirm the opinion that MEPA has something to hide and is a den of corruption where the powerful get what they want whilst the small applicant is made to go through hell for some minor amendment to his house".
Pembroke Malta is twinned with Pembroke Wales, members of PCC and PCC planning and councilors should read the full text of the article.

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