Saturday 17 November 2007

Castle Pond Pembroke Urbanisation?degradation

Castle Pond in 19382007 Contrasted with previous photograph of the author in 1938
PCC are carrying out these works BUT as they are the Planning Authority, they consider that works done by them do not require Planning Permission, or even notification or plans of these works to be made public. So the first thing residents know is days before the work is started
Security gone mad your and my money
This work is in preparation to widening the footpath, and destroying any conservation value mown rye grass rules ok. I will be publishing photographs of one year in the life of a wild flower meadow in the Mencap Gardens Stackpole, then you can make up your own minds which you prefer.
These fences courtesy PCC block access from Pembroke to the North Bank of Pembroke River
This gate is now locked

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