Sunday 7 October 2007

Disturbance of wildlife Freshwater East Burrows

Recent studies have shown that sixty per cent of the animal and bird life is driven from sites which are given access to dogs.
PCNP Byelaws forbid dogs disturbing wildlife, our latest survey of Freshwater East Burrows show only two active sites with traces of rabbits. The Burrows were kept as Burrows by rabbits browsing the woody vegetation. Several local women take hunting dogs to the Burrows allow them to run free and feed any rabbits caught by their dogs to them.
PCNP are aware of this and are failing in their duty to maintain and preserve the habitat.
Since the Inquiry they have not brashed the brushwood and have only maintained a limited number of footpaths. Clearly an indication that the future of the Burrows are not safe in their hands.
Please write to the Commons Registration Officer at PCC before the committee meeting on the tenth of October, telling them to ignore the flawed Inspectors Report. We are to be shown the Report two days before so that we can make comments DEMOCRACY?

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