Saturday 4 August 2007

Rocky Park Pembroke third planning application

This is a Conservation Area with existing buildings which before the conditions for repair by PCC were imposed were of architectural merit. They show why these instructions by PCC were wrong and have led to inevitable destruction of buildings built by the traditional method of limestone field stone with a coarse lime mortar bound core .
When covered by an impervious cement render these walls in not many years degrade and will need complete reconstruction. When deliberately neglected and made into a local eyesore by the developers to provoke adjacent property owners to call for their demolition as the following photographs they affect adjacent property values. The rear view in the last post shows the destruction of the structure by imposed repairs.
This proposed over development calls for the complete demolition of the site using a small part of stone from the demolished walls, to build low front garden walls.
The walls are of ancient origin repaired and bodged over the past two hundred years at least.
Do we allow almost all the mature trees remaining in this Conservation Area to be felled.

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