Wednesday 7 February 2007

Pembroke Mill Pond 070207

Before and after

Despite agreements and consultations with all the interested bodies the screen of trees have been thinned some cut down and the undergrowth cleared, by a total predictable decision at a closed site meeting to facilitate the developers by officers of PCC. Planning permision was granted for building on condition that a strip was left untouched on the banks of the Mill Pond.The site behind Woodbine Terrace is a sensitive area as the last area of shore for foraging nesting perching roosting, and for mammals in these ponds. Now this are has been destroyed, the Mill pond has no further conservation value. It remains as a grossly polluted,swans lavatory, so overcrowded that all natural behaviour is denied to the waterfowl . Their one function is to look pretty for the tourists.

Photographs show
.The site as was a refuge for all the inhabitants of the Pond
.The site a day later on 070207
.The removal of vegetation and fallen timber from the site both of immense wildife value.
.Th destruction in progress. Reliable contractors who will move immediately to serve the developers needs.
.A council officerPCC , the owners should be able to do what they wish to their own property.
.Developer, We would find it difficult to sell these properties without a view.
.Senior PCC officer, planning permission should never have been granted in the first place.

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