Sunday 21 January 2007

Vernacular Buildings

Thes two cottages in Carew have been sensitively restored and conserved, the interiors have had all fifties and sixties hardboard artex and plasterboard removed, any repairs have been carried out in traditional materials, modern kitchens bathrooms have beeen housed in the rebuilt outhouses attached to the rear of the row. The roofs are of natural slate the rainwater furniture is very simple cast iron.
There are no damp proof courses, the walls have had the cement render hacked off and repointed in lime mortar with local aggregate, then finished in several coats of lime wash with traditional colourants. The cills are slate the windows are hardwood with narrow glazing bars, the lintles raw green Welsh Oak.
Contrast this with new building in a similar position, more suitable to the aspirant suburbs of a major city, it has no place in an isolated settlement in Rural Wales.

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