Friday 12 January 2007

River Barrage

The lock gate is designed so that power is applied to one side only. If it overcloses or stones obstruct the closure the gate jams. The only solution is to bring in a very large crane to lift the gate. The Eurotat has been built over the only access for the crane. If the crane is used on the other end of the barrage there is insufficient hard surface to support the hydraulic steadies.
Solution remove the barrage and allow the Castle Pond to be tidal. The Commons Flood Alleviation scheme allow as the water on the Commons to back up making the water, deep enough to drown a child and the sloping banks encourage children to reach the water, and the new banks are too high and too slippery to allow a child to climb out of the water. The Commons have flooded since the completion of the new near one million pound scheme.

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