Sunday 21 January 2007

Access to Sensitive Areas.

This is a new walkway through an isolated wood and marsh on the edge of Pembroke. Used to "exercise" dogs ie defaecation. The owners do not keep their pets on a lead and the one safe area for birds and mammals is being wrecked by frequent disturbance. Access yes but what is the point of walkways through reed beds, walkers can see less than if they observe the reed bed from outside. This is not joined up government, we have recently won an Appeal to reopen a footpath which would give better access and allow a hide to be built at the edge of the open water, this would allow people to enjoy wildlife and not disturb it.

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Anonymous said...

I can't beleive they have built a wooden walkway in the reeds, why aren't these area's protected? AND to think of building a hide in Pembroke town is total lunacy, we already have problems with teenages drinking, a hide would be the perfect place for them! They have already burnt down all the benches on the middle mill pond. WHAT about the protection of the birds and wildlife breeding in these untouched reeds? The Upper Mill Pond has remained a Nature Reseve due to lack of access, it will soon be as bad as the middle pond.